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The Bolaris Report: Break out the beautiful weather

Is it time for shorts already?

I’m going to date myself here and go back in time to Monday night football, when Dandy Don Meredith would start singing “turn out the lights, the parties over” when we all knew the verdict was in on the outcome of the game.

Well, can we start singing “put away the shovels the snow is over”?

I would say yes, with one caveat: March is notorious for surprises, but from all the signals I see the chances of a significant snowstorm of 4 inches or more is minimal at best.

With that being said, there is one week in March that merits some watching.

During March 23 through 28, the Arctic oscillation will dip slightly negative which is an indicator of colder temps, and at the same time models have been consistent in developing a storm system that would move in from the Southern Plains and perhaps spread a wintry mix.

The best chance of accumulating snow or ice would be across the higher elevations and the mountains, but not along the I-95 corridor.

And departing storm on or about Monday, March 14, could leave a wet accumulation across interior sections of New England. If anything changes my readers will be the first to know.

However, as of now get ready for a big dose of spring fever this week. After a beautiful Monday with temperatures climbing well into the 50s, the mid-week period will see readings bloom into the 70’s across much of the Northeast with the exception of coastal locations.

BONUS OUTLOOK: St Patrick’s Day, as of now looks dry for Philly, New York, and Boston with the lucky thermometer dancing in the 60’s for most.

Here’s the forecast for all three Metro cities:


Put away the coats as a dose of spring fever moves in. We paint the skies blue Monday along with plenty of sunshine as temperatures top off near 55. Tuesday: Bright, blue, and beautiful. High 64 Wednesday: A spring breeze as temperatures climb toward 70, except for coastal sections. Thursday: Windy, afternoon or late day showers. 66 degrees is the high. Friday: Clearing, windy and cooler, but not bad. 53 will be the high.

Long range outlook for St. Patrick’s Day: Windy and dry 60, showers by days end or at night. Disclaimer : Long Range Outlooks are subject to busts and scrutiny…just saying.


You will be feeling energized this week as temperatures soar into the 70’s. After a marvelous Monday with temperatures closing in on 60 degrees, get ready for the thermometer to hit Spring-like levels. Tuesday: Plenty of sun 72. Wednesday: Spring blast as warm southwest winds send temperatures into the mid-70’s. Thursday: Late day or evening showers, still windy and unseasonably warm. High 73. Friday: Early morning shower, then clearing. High 61.


Boston you are looking at a fantastic work week for this time of the year as temperatures will be climbing through the 50’s, and 60’s and perhaps kissing or just falling short of the 70 degree mark on Wednesday. Milder temps will be moving in Monday as the mercury climbs into the low 50’s. Tuesday: Plenty of sunshine and milder closing in on 60. Wednesday: A spring breeze will send reading soaring to near 70. Thursday: Windy, still mild with late showers moving in, 64 Friday: Clearing and cooler. 50

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