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The creepiest Spotify stations and who is listening to them

Halloween music

You may be jamming out to The Weeknd or Fetty Wap while you’re chained to your desk, but a lot of people are listening to some seriously creepy music channels, like “grave wave” and “deep melodic death metal.” Today, Spotify revealed a list of the top 10 cities in the U.S. that listened to these darker stations on or around Halloween last year. Are they perhaps the cities with the most Halloween spirit? Check out the results below:

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Spookiest US Cities
1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. Denver, Colorado

3. Seattle, Washington

4. Washington, D.C.

5. San Francisco, California

6. Atlanta, Georgia

7. Portland, Oregon

8. Orlando, Florida

9. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

10. Austin, Texas

Scariest Music Genres in the World
1. grisly death metal

2. ghoststep

3. horrorcore

4. goregrind

5. technical brutal death metal

6. charred death

7. grave wave

8. witch house

9. hauntology

10. death core

11. brutal deathcore

12. deep melodic death metal

13. grim death metal

14. black death

15. grindcore

16. slam death metal

17. doom metal

18. pagan black metal

19. horror punk

20. gothic doom

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