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The Justin Bieber Photoshop speculation game is back

Feeling some intense withdrawal from all the Justin Bieber Photoshop debates that sprang up around his Calvin Klein shoot? Fear not! As Bieber’s quest to be seen as a serious adult big-boy-pants man continues, we have yet another opportunity with his new Men’s Health cover. Whether or not his appearance — shirtless, because obviously — has been altered in any way, it’s definitely unsettling the way he just stares at you. Go ahead, try to move around. His eyes follow you, constantly barely seeing you as a human being.

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And as for questions of Photoshop, Bieber himself states his case ina behind-the-scenes video, saying, “It’s not photoshopped, for all you fools out there saying it’s photoshopped.” Oh yeah? Then why is your head so freakishly small in this one? It’s not like we’ve never seen a picture of you before.

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