The LA UFO and the time Los Angeles native Baron Davis was 'abducted' by an alien (pics, photos, video) - Metro US

The LA UFO and the time Los Angeles native Baron Davis was ‘abducted’ by an alien (pics, photos, video)

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There was this crazy photo going around on the Internet Monday regarding what appeared to be an alien far too ugly to appear in any Tim Burton film. This lady, Gianna Peponis, wrote on Facebook: “I heard something scream at like 11:30 [Saturday] night and went on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it.”

See pics of the alleged alienhere

Obviously, there was plenty of immediate “hoax” backlash. First, people said it was the fetus of a deer. Then, the fetus of a cow. Then, people said that Peponis had blatantly ripped off the photos from this other girl, Sara Burks.

Regardless of whether the photos came from Peponis or Burks (both live in California), the big hook is that they blew up online after there were thousands of alleged UFO sightings in and around Los Angeles on the night of Nov. 7.

LA has become a hot-bed of alleged alien activity in recent years, conjuring up memories of Los Angeles native and former NBA star Baron Davis claiming he was abducted while driving back to LA from Las Vegas. Via the NY Post from the summer of 2013:

“I was actually abducted by aliens two weeks ago,” Davis said.

When probed for details, he explained he was driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the early morning recently and this is what happened:

“I see this light and it’s a big a—truck. And I said, oh f—- this is going to be traffic,” Davis said. :Driving, driving and the next thing you know there’s a steel thing and these crazy looking people – half human, half ugly-looking mother f—–s.

“They were poking me on the nose, looking at my eyes, they had my hands tied and the next thing you know I was in Montabello dude, burning rubber on the way back to L.A. at 4 o’clock in the morning.”

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