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The Rack Shack brings lingerie and sneakers together for sexy comfort

The Rack Shack storefront in Bushwick
Provided by Laura Henny

Even in New York City, it’s not easy finding the right bra whether you’re big-busted or even smaller cupped. But Laura Henny didn’t expect just how difficult it would be when she moved here from her native Netherlands four years ago.

“I tried to find a bra in my size, which is a 34GG, and it was practically impossible,” she says. When she did find something that fit, it fell into the same utility-over-style drab trap as other clothing made for larger bodies.

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So, she decided to do something about it. Henny is the owner of The Rack Shack (155 Central Ave., which just opened in Bushwick, selling lingerie for all shapes and sizes — alongside a selection of cute and funky sneakers. Including ones that light up! (Don’t pretend you haven’t missed them.)

The combination came about from Henny’s days as a restaurant manager. Being on her feet all day demanded sensible, yet still fashionable shoes, and the hassle of an ill-fitting bra was neither comfortable nor professional. Henny realized the importance of clothing that supports her body, and The Rack Shack showcases this link between sneakers and lingerie. “Lingerie and sneakers have things in common,” says Henny. “They are both comfortable if they fit right, and they can complete an outfit.”

Plus, looking good means feeling good, and Henny sees lingerie as a particularly empowering piece of clothing. When your clothes fit, you can relax. You don’t have to worry about pulling up straps or pushing that pesky underwire back in its place. Even if no one can see it, well-made lingerie can do wonders for your confidence. “Especially for a full-busted girl, if your bra isn’t feeling good, you’re conscious of it all the time,” she says.

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It was also important to Henny that women not feel like they couldn’t wear the newest and cutest trends simply because their size fell outside of the mainstream. “A year and a half ago, I came up with the idea for lingerie and sneakers because I wanted to avoid the whole ‘old lady store,’” says Henny. “I wanted a fun store where fashion comes together.”

When choosing the Rack Shack’s selection, Henny sought out merchandise for body types that can be difficult to shop for in non-specialty stores. But it still had to have the aesthetic of her borough, which she hopes to reflect in a lookbook or calendar in the future.

“I would love to use real women, so not models,” says Henny. “Women from the neighborhood that have the brand, women with busy lives — that’s the bartenders, the artists, the nurses. From skinny to thick, real bodies.”

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