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The weirdest people in the 217-person cast of ‘Twin Peaks’

Like the big ball of fire that eats planets and spaceships in “The Fifth Element” or the sticky ball from the Japanese game “Katamari Damacy,” the forthcoming “Twin Peaks” reboot/sequel has been Hoovering up name actor after name actor. Some of them have seemingly been chosen at random, as though co-creator David Lynch simply saw each of them on the street and dragged them to the set.

We already knew about Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ashley Judd and Amanda Seyfried. And we knew about returnees, like Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, David Duchovny (as trans DEA agent Denise Bryson), David Patrick Kelly (as no-goodnik Jerry Horne) as well as Lynch himself (as Gordon Cole, the shouty Regional Bureau Chief at the FBI).

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But did you know about Eddie Vedder, Michael Cera, Tim Roth, Matthew Lillard and Trent Reznor? They, along with plenty of others, are on the 217-person cast list Showtime just released. It’s an epic roster, and every second or third name is someone with a degree of fame, chosen from a suitably Lynchian game of Mad Libs.

Scrolling through the list through bloodshot eyes, we also see Monica Bellucci, Jim Belushi, Richard Chamberlain, “American Graffiti” cast member Candy Clark and freaky-eyed Meg Foster. We see David Koecher, Bond girl Berenice Marlohe, “Homicide”’s Max Perlich and Tom Sizemore.

Lynch alumni are mixed in there, too, including “Mulholland Dr.” cop duo Brent Briscoe and Robert Forster, plus greasy-haired “Lost Highway” star Balthazar Getty. Also worth noting is that “Peaks” will officially reunite “Paper Heart” co-stars/exes Cera and Charlyne Yi; the latter’s awkward deadpan routine will probably be a perfect fit for a Lynch project. (We’re not sure which Cera Lynch will go for: Nice Guy Cera or Overt Drug-Fueled Asshole Cera, as seen in “This Is the End” and “The Crystal Fairy.”)

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None of them, mind, have character names attached to them. It’s a raw list, and will surely inspire some of that wild good time Internet clickbait speculation, where we obsess over what will happen rather than what did happen after we actually see the finished product.

Did we miss anyone? (In addition to Caleb Landry Jones, Sara Paxton, John Savage and Ethan Suplee, that is.) Behold, if you dare, the full line-up, and get more excited for the show’s premiere date, which has yet to be named:

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