The wine cube from this chain store has 4 bottles of wine for just $18 - Metro US

The wine cube from this chain store has 4 bottles of wine for just $18

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Summer is the season of chilled whites and rosés, if you’re into that sort of thing, maybe even a sparkling wine when you’re out picnicking in the park or relaxing in the evening as the humidity and heat finally break. But just because you appreciate how well a glass of Chardonnay pairs with your perfect summer day doesn’t mean you want to pay a ton of cash to enjoy it. That’s where the Wine Cube, a Target wine product, comes in.

Done are the days when people looked down on boxed or canned wine (or any Target wine for that matter) — at least they should be — because the quality’s gone way up. The deals, however, are as great as they ever were. Now you can snag enough wine to keep the party going at the same time you pick up party supplies, and we mean everything from cups and plates to burger patties and s’mores fixins. That’s because the Target Wine Cubes is not only from a store that you know offers great daily deals anyway, but also packs 4 bottles of wine into one box for just $18.

We’ll repeat that because the offer is worth hearing again: these cubes of Target wine hold three entire liters of wine and will only set you back $18. To be clear, the Wine Cubes at Target aren’t a new product, but they did recently launch two new flavors. So what do you need to know about these new Target wine products? We break it all down.

Target wine by the cube: what you need to know

Beyond that they get you a bargain on your summer drink of choice, what do you need to know about Target wine and the Wine Cubes? Mostly importantly, they probably have your favorite variety. The Target wine product comes in 13 different varieties, though they’ve yet to come out with a rosé — sorry fans of the sunset-colored sip. They do offer a great alternative, though, if you’re picky about your wine being pink: their Pink Moscato, which features “aromas of white peach and caramel.”

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You’ll find reds like Malbec and Merlot as well as whites ranging from Riesling to Pinot Grigio in addition to a fruity Red Sangria that’s just screaming to be served at your next get-together. Prefer a blend? Well, they’ve got three. Target wine really is available for everyone’s particular palate. Reviews of several of the varieties of Target wine are positive, with many racking up one five-star rating after another.

Worried about how you’ll go through three liters of wine? (Don’t laugh, some people are slower sippers than others.) Each cube of Target wine lasts for four weeks, so even if your guests aren’t going back for seconds, you can keep the leftovers for your next girls night or viewing party, confident that the wine will still be flavorful and easy-flowing (did we mention the easy-pour spout?). The only question left is, what are you waiting for?


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