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The Word: Lena Dunham snaps back over molestation stories

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Lena Dunham is no stranger to having her words picked apart or taken out of context, but even has limits to how often she can turn the other cheek. This week, Dunham is hitting back against news outlets that claim Dunham had admitted to sexually abusing her younger sister, citing excerpts from her new book, “Not That Kind of Girl.” In the book, Dunham details an embarrassing moment of childhood curiosity when she was 7 and her daughter, Grace, was 1. “The right-wing news story that I molested my little sister isn’t just LOL— it’s really f—ing upsetting and disgusting. And by the way, if you were a little kid and never looked at another little kid’s vagina, well, congrats to you,” Dunham posted on her Twitter feed.”Usually this is stuff I can ignore but don’t demean sufferers, don’t twist my words, back the f— up, bros. “I told a story about being a weird 7-year-old. I bet you have some too, old men, that I’d rather not hear. And yes, this is a rage spiral. Sometimes I get so mad I burn right up. Also I wish my sister wasn’t laughing so hard.”

Speaking of Twitter, Amanda Bynes is doing her thing again. The former child star, recently freed from her parents conservatorship over her — though that might be temporary — has been using what little time she has available to speak her mind on Twitter, taking on a number of topics. At the top of her list? Making sure everyone knows she doesn’t think Zac Efron is ugly. Because we were worried. “It is not illegal to talk about my personal business,” she begins, kicking off a multi-tweet tirade. “People need to hear the truth about who I really am — I need to show the judge that not only do I not need any help making decisions about my future, I was planning on transferring to NYU and I was never homeless, I was living in the nicest hotels until I found the right [apartment] in NY.” She’s also now going to school at USC instead, apparently.

It’s hard enough being a new mom without your fiancé’s clingy ex showing up all the time, trying to feed off the newborn’s energy. Or at least that’s what Mila Kunis is dealing with, as Demi Moore reportedly just won’t leave her, Ashton Kutcher and new daughter Wyatt alone, according to the National Enquirer. “Demi is forever calling and texting for updates on Wyatt. It’s driving Mila nuts,” a source says, explaining that the final straw apparently was Moore showing up at the house uninvited to visit the baby. “It freaked Mila out when she found Demi holding her baby in their house. Mila’s told Demi to stay away from her baby — and to leave them all alone.”

What breakup? Apparently Christ Martin and Jennifer Lawrence aren’t so split up after all — or, possibly, she just forgot a toothbrush at his place and needed to grab it — as the “Hunger Games” star was photographed visiting Martin’s home twice last week, days after reports had hit that they’d broken up. Can someone check on Gwyneth Paltrow to get her opinion on the matter? Because I’m sure she has one.

I don’t often say this, but I’m with Melanie Griffith. The “Working Girl” star says she has no plans to watch the “50 Shades of Grey” movie due out in February. Of course, her not seeing it has more to do with her daughter, Dakota Johnson, getting all sexy and bondage-y in the film adaptation, whereas I just think the whole enterprise is terrible, but still. We agree. “I think that I’m never going to see the movie myself,” Griffith tells Extra. “It would just be too awkward. She, I think, would be mortified if we ever came to see her movie.” I know I would.

So what did you miss on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend? Aside from an epic 9-minute Prince jam and some awkward Boston Marathon and Freedom Tower jokes by Chris Rock, not a whole lot — but then there’s this ad for Swiftamine, which is awesome. Swiftamine helps grown-ups cope with the vertigo brought on by realizing they like Taylor Swift’s new album. “Over the past month, realizing you like Taylor Swift has become the leading cause of vertigo in adults.” As the faux-ad goes on to explain, Taylor Swift-induced vertigo occurs when a Swift track causes your brain to get in a fight with your ears. Sounds about right to me.

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