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This ‘Gossip Girl’ actor still isn’t sure who Gossip Girl is

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Vanity Fair has an excellent oral history of “Gossip Girl,” for its 10-year annivesary. It is unfortunately, but predictably, full of Blake Lively quotes. Apparently, y’alls fave — who got married at an actual plantation — is the only one who still cares, poor thing.

Anyway, the best thing about the article isn’t that Leighton Meester could barely be bothered to muster up any f—ks, or even that Penn Badgley — aka Dan Humphrey, aka Gossip Girl himself — declined to be interviewed at all. It’s that the dude who played Chuck Bass still doesn’t even know who Gossip Girl is.

Ed Westwick — who will forever be the well dressed Chuck Bass in our hearts — basically doesn’t know that Dan was revealed to be Gossip Girl. Well, it’s either that or he refuses to acknowledge what is basically impossible. For the oral history, he emailed the writer with a simple, “I still am not sure who GG was lol.”

Ugh, classic Westwick. And I love it!

So yeah. While Lively was busy writing a 1,000 word essay about her memories of “Gossip Girl,” nobody else even cared. Pretty standard, methinks!


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