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This Iggy and Britney ‘Pretty Girls’ Twitter feud is actually pretty boring


So Iggy Azalea isn’t pleased with the performance of her not-quite Song of the Summer team-up with Britney Spears, “Pretty Girls.” In a candid Twitter Q&A post-mortem, Azalea faulted a lack of promotional push — from Spears and the label — for its being basically a flop.

Azalea and Spears only performed the song live exactly once, at the Billboard Music Awards. Reactions to Azalea’s comments suggesting she was throwing shade at Spears prompted the Australian to respond further, employing what could very well be a common Aussie expression but is just plain icky to American ears:

Ew. And then Spears herself chimed in — indirectly, at least — with:

So, you know, welcome to the most yawn-inducing feud of 2015. Yay?

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