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This is what your dating profile photos should look like — according to 6,830 single people

Admit it, even if you don’t consider yourself shallow and are really just looking for someone “with a great personality that can make you laugh,” dating profile pics matter. It’s the first thing most people look at — and if you don’t have decent photos, chances are, your potential match might not even scroll down to check out the rest of the profile.

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Online dating service DatingFound conducted a survey of 6,830 singles, asking them what they look for in profile photos. Some of the findings may surprise you — but most won’t.

What men like:

When it comes to women’s photos, most men want the first photo to show some cleavage — no shocker here. But here’s the key: only show a little, bikini shots rated low. The survey also notes: “Women tend to show off their cleavage by wearing low-cut tops and dresses for online dating photos. This works pretty well for younger women. For older ones, though, being more conservative can pay off.” Hey, we’re just the messenger here.

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According to the survey, men like a woman’s second and third photos to be of her having a good time, i.e. laughing, playing the guitar, cooking, skiing…. These type of photos ranked high (after the cleavage photos of course) even when they didn’t show the woman’s face. For the fourth, photos featuring a woman’s head tilted to the left rated the best — apparently it’s more pleasing to the eye. Hey, maybe that’s why Ariana Grandeonly takes photos from the side.

The number one thing men don’t like? Bathroom selfies.

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What women like:

DatingFound, er, found that the first photo women like to see is of a guy looking confident. It subconsciously triggers thoughts of high-status and heightened masculinity — so guys, don’t lead with a goofy photo. The survey also says that women like the second photo to show the guy having fun in some way, like playing sports, sketching or doing something else he loves.

Photos slightly showing more of a dater’s left side rated third for the same reason, just as it ranked for women. (Somehow we just think someone’s left-side is more attractive.) And interestingly, a generic, smiling happy photo ranked in fourth, meaning it’s still good to have, but is not as important as the others.

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