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This is why John Krasinski cast Emily Blunt in ‘A Quiet Place’

John Krasinski Emily Blunt A Quiet Place

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt — a.k.a. the most adorable couple in Hollywood — will finally team up on the big screen in the upcoming horror flick “A Quiet Place.”

Not only does “The Office” alum star in the film along with his wife, but he also directed and wrote the screenplay for “A Quiet Place.” Considering all his work behind the scene, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Krasinski pulling a few strings to make sure Blunt was in the movie, however the multihyphenate assures that’s not the case. 

In a new interview with Empire ahead of the release of “A Quiet Place” on April 6, Krasinski explained that there were actually a few other actresses considered for the role before Blunt officially joined the project.

“Emily had actually recommended several different actresses based on my pitch of some of the scenes,” Krasinski told Empire. “Her being in the movie, we really hadn’t even considered.”

Why John Krasinski cast Emily Blunt in ‘A Quiet Place’

A Quiet Place John Krasinski Emily Blunt

As for how Blunt ended up in film, Krasinski revealed to Empire that their plans changed once his wife read the full screenplay and fell in love the the character. Of course, the actor and director had the most heartwarming description of the moment Blunt decided to take on the role in “A Quiet Place.”

“I have to be completely honest when I tell you that that exact moment — having this woman that I admire and respect agree to do this movie with me — was the best compliment of my career,” Krasinski said.

Fingers crossed that Blunt was able to return the favor by getting her hubby a role in the upcoming sequel “Mary Poppins Returns.”

“A Quiet Place” opens in theaters April 6.


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