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This KFC creation might make a return to the menu


Is the KFC Double Down making a comeback?

If you love all sorts of fried chicken you may remember KFC’s creation: A sandwich that featured two pieces of fried chicken as burger buns with bacon, cheese and sauce in the middle. The sandwich was first launched in 2010 and while the Double Down at KFC received mixed reactions, there were some people who truly loved it. The KFC Double Down has appeared on the menu from time to time as a specialty item but never quite made it to the fast food chain’s permanent menu.

Do you remember the day you ditched the bun? If not here’s a KFC Double Down commercial to take you back. 

KFC Double Down commercial (2010)

According to KFC, the Double Down is made with “so much 100% premium chicken” it “didn’t have much room for a bun.”

The KFC Double Down made its way to the U.K. in 2018 and, for a short period of time, it was a hit. 

Double Down at KFC coming back

Is the KFC Double Down coming back?

The KFC U.K. Twitter account hinted that the KFC Double Down could be coming back to menus very soon. “Oh…was it…about time we thought about bringing it back then..,” the KFC U.K. Twitter responded when British editor Luke Beardworth made a reference to the Double Down in a tweet. 

It appeared that KFC responded in a few .GIFs indicating that the KFC Double Down is returning.

According to LAD Bible, the KFC Double Down is making a comeback. The news site reports the Double Down at KFC is coming back to the U.K. next week.  

On Twitter, it seems that the excitement over the KFC Double Down just has strong as it was last year. Fans of the sandwich lost their minds on Twitter.  

Is the KFC Double Down available in the U.S.?

There’s no word of the Double Down returning to the U.S., but based on the excitement in the U.K. it’s safe to assume it would be a hit here too. There’s at least one person who has listed the KFC Double Down as one of the most influential creations of our time. 

If you’re someone who wants some kind of Double Down variation, you could always go the DIY route and make it yourself. If you’re looking for a KFC Double Down and you love chicken and waffles, you might want to head up to Canada where they recently released a Waffle Double Down sandwich.