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The 50 cent Frosty deal at Wendy’s is back — and the only limit is your stomach

50 cent frosty

It’s a good time for hungry people on the hunt for great food deals. You’ve got Starbucks Happy Hour keeping you caffeinated for less, Applebee’s Neighborhood Drink of the Month program and now the 50 cent Frosty is back at Wendy’s. It’s shaping up to be a seriously delicious summer.

How much can a Wendy’s Frosty set you back, anyway, you might be wondering. Well, OK, you were never really breaking the bank on a small chocolate or vanilla Frosty at Wendy’s since it clocks in at a buck — but since when were you against saving money on sweets? If you’re feeling generous and getting in the laid back summer mood, plan on spending a dollar anyway and treat someone you know to tasty summer treat while they run the promotion. It’s good dessert karma, guys.

How long can I get a Wendy’s 50 cent Frosty?

The fast food chain announced the glorious news on their blog on May 10, but the details were vague. They did say that you should “get it before it’s gone” because the Wendy’s 50 cent Frosty is around only for “a limited time.” They’re being just as vague on Twitter, telling you to fill up “before this deal is done.” Metro will keep you updated about a specific end date if it’s announced, but in the past the Wendy’s 50 cent Frosty end date has been around late August.



wendy's 50 cent frosty

Are there limitations to the deal for Wendys’ 50 cent Frosty?

We know what you’re wondering: Exactly how many can I order at once? Too many fast food deals that sound too good to be true, well, are because you’re capped at one item. Not so with the Wendy’s 50 cent Frosty. As Wendy’s humorously responded to one curious (and hungry) inquirer, “the limit is really the number you can eat.” It’s a dangerous game you’re playing, Wendy, but we’re down.



There is one catch: The 50 cent Frosty is only available at participating locations, so look up your closest Wendy’s and call ahead before heading out hungry and ready to down a fiver’s worth of Frosties. It’s worth the extra minute to make sure you’re not heading out for a frozen dessert let down. And, remember, the 50 cent Frosty deal is about the small size, so don’t get carried away and slip up by ordering a large.

Whether you double down and get fries to dip in your 50 cent Frosty is up to you — just make sure you’re hitting the fast food chain with friends who won’t judge your sweet-salty strategy.


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