This Khloe Kardashian ad is under fire for body-shaming young women

Getty Images

Another day, another Kardashian being accused of promoting unattainable body standards.

A new Protein World billboard in London is under fire for featuring Khloe Kardashian, Photoshopped to oblivion and promoting a 30-day weight loss plan. The ad unironically reads, “Can You Keep Up With A Kardashian?”

Unfortunately, most of us can’t. Khloe can barely keep up with herself. It’s chill to get all the alleged plastic surgery you want, and to Photoshop yourself whenever the mood strikes, but don’t chalk it up to diet and exercise. That’s rude.

Kardashian hasn’t responded to the backlash, and let’s be honest: she probably never will. Besides, I have a theory that this controversy is just a master plan to promote her series, “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.”Wouldn’t put it past her, would you?

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