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This online grocery store sells everything for $3 — and there’s no catch!

Brandless Store Buy Groceries Online

For once, the internet isn’t obsessing out over a crazy epic online Cyber Monday deal. Or crazy-good Amazon Prime day deal. In fact, the collective interwebz is not even freaking out over an amazing hotel sale. This time, it’s about your ability to buy groceries online. Yes, really.

The day has come to rejoice over Brandless. What is Brandless you ask? This fabulous online mega-grocer sells everything for a measly $3. No gimmicks. No weird scams. No hassle of, you know, going to the store and shopping in person.

At Brandless, shoppers can peruse and purchase everything from organic sweet potato tortilla chips ($3) and toasted coconut cooking thins ($3) to white cheddar flavored quinoa puffs ($3) and organic fair trade medium roast ground coffee (you know how much it costs).  



Beyond the food aisle, there’s a heck lot more to explore. For household joy, try their multi-surface cleaner (we don’t need to tell you how much things at Brandless cost anymore, now do we?) or eucalyptus and lavender gel hand soap.

In the beauty department, there’s daily facial moisturizer, organic cotton balls and more. For your home, try a pizza cutter, vegetable peeler, or serrated bread knife. Why not tack on a can opener to replace your vintage, ahem, rusting old one from your parents? For $3, you really don’t have much to lose.

According to PureWow, there’s a reason it’s so cheap. “[It’s something Brandless] calls BrandTax, or the hidden costs you pay for a national brand. The thinking is that we’ve been trained to believe these costs increase quality, but they rarely do. By taking the brand name out of the equation, Brandless strives to sell the same quality goods for a fraction of the cost.”

Whatever the reason, we’re more than a little stoked for our craft paper hard cover bound notebook. This $3 Brandless delight will be an easy place to jot down our next shopping list for the brilliant site.

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