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This type of couple is most likely to break up

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If you thrive on the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, beware: a new study from the University of Illinois says relationships with a lot of drama aren’t likely to last long-term. Researchers analyzed 376 couples, all in their mid-20s, over a nine-month period, recording if and how their commitment level changed over time.

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Not so surprising, couples who experienced a lot of highs and lows were more likely to break up than couples who experienced less drama. So, what can you do if you find yourself in an emotional relationship but you really want it to work out?

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The researchers advise to try bonding over shared interests. They found that couples who spend more time doing things together and are dependent on each other are the most successful long-term. But that doesn’t mean isolating yourselves. They also found that couples were extremely social, hanging out together and also with friends had the highest levels of relationship satisfaction and stability.

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