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Tinder match finally meet on Good Morning America after 3 years of messages

Tinder Couple Meets GMA

If you’ve ever taken a whirl at online dating, you surely appreciate the whole “waiting more than 30 seconds” to reply and not looking over-eager thing. For one Kent State University Tinder match though, they took delayed replies to a whole other level.

In a Tweet that’s since gone viral, Josh Avsec shared screenshots of an ongoing Tinder conversation that began with fellow KSU student Michelle Arendas in September 2014. For their playful exchange, member of the party took months to reply to each other with exceedingly humorous replies that really had us laughing on the floor.


The couple, up until today, had not met. As if the viral tweet weren’t enough, Tinder got wind of the situation and offered to send the couple wherever they wanted on their first date.


Ready to milk their viral fame for all it’s worth, the couple settled on a getaway to Maui. Not bad for their first proper date, huh?

Meanwhile the adorable 20-somethings recently took to the Good Morning America stage in New York City where hosts had them play a hilarious Q&A-style game between a partition before meeting each other in real life for the first time. Watch the adorable video below, and message that Tinder lady or gent you’ve been blowing up for the past few days now, would ya?  

Now, here’s to hoping the young couple has a stellar time exploring Hawaii together! And, you know, that it doesn’t take them months to touch base and reply to each other’s messages when they return from their exciting trip.



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