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Tisei, Moulton trade barbs

The Tisei and Moulton campaigns.

Congressional hopefuls Seth Moulton and Richard Tisei sparred over veteran’s benefits and campaign contributions in a feisty and contentious debate on WCVB this morning.

Tisei, a Republican who formerly served in the Massachusetts state senate, blasted Moulton for portraying him in a political ad as voting in favor of slashes to veteran’s benefits. Tisei said he had voted agains the entire state’s budget, not specifically veteran’s benefits, and suggested Moulton was being dishonest and misleading.

“It’s really injecting that type of Washington politics that people hate,” said Tisei.

Moulton stood by the ad, saying “veterans would have been hurt if this vote had carried the day.”

“The ad is true, you took that vote,” said Moulton. “You voted with your party.”

Moulton, a Democrat and former Marine who defeated longtime incumbent John Tierney in the primary, needled Tisei for failing to change the face of his party in Massachusetts.

The two also sparred over campaign contributions, with Tisei putting the former on blast for accepting so much out-of-state funding. About 70 percent of Moulton’s campaign war chest came from out of state, saidTisei.

“You’ve raised more money in Berverly Hill than Beverly Massachusetts,” he said.

Tisei also cast Moulton as being in the pocket of Wall Street, asking him why Wall Street tycoons were so interested in his campaign.

Moulton dismissed the inquiry as a hypocritical question, saying Tisei has benefited from a SuperPAC with Wall Street ties.

“I’m not beholden to any donors,” said Moulton.

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