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Tom Hank’s strange and hilarious Reddit history

Exactly one year ago, award-winning actor Tom Hanks joined the hundreds (maybe thousands) of celebrities and famous folk who have done an AMA on Reddit.

Now, a year after his AMA, Tom Hanks’s account rolled back the stone and started firing off answers to random questions around Reddit.

Although we can’t prove that the man behind the answers was in fact Tom Hanks — who else would it be? Aside from that, some of the answers, specicially about the film industry, seem far too detailed to have been written by an assistant, or staffer who accidentally logged into the account.

Anyhow, the Tom Hanks account spent about an hour last night goin through the subreddit /r/AskReddit answering random questions.Here are some of those answers, which we dare you to NOT read in Tom Hank’s “You’ve Got Mail” voice:

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