Tony the Tiger motivates a suicide bomber in a truly WTF commercial

Everyone knows Tony the Tiger, the cartoon-anthropomorphic tiger that shows up out of nowhere to encourage unsuspecting children to eat his cereal. Now though he’s helping motivate hookers, abusive cops, and a suicide bomber, all of who presumably ate his cereal when they were kids.
“I’ve helped so many kids to solve their every day [sic] problems over the years. But the kids have grown up and the world has changed,” the tiger explains on Tonyisback.com, the mind behind these commercials. ”What used to help is now making things worse. Now I am the one who needs help. Please, help me.”
The videos are a part of a campaign called #TonyisBack, a campaign whose ultimate motive remains unclear. Whatever their motive, Kellogs has seemingly taken legal action and had all of the campaign’s social media profiles taken down.
Take a look at the videos which are still online for now below:

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