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Trouble in Gwen and Blake land

Trouble in Gwen and Blake land
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I’m sure it’s just a total, complete coincidence that just after the latest season of “The Voice” ends, we get our first report of trouble in the romance between co-coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Not suspicious at all, this.

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So the duo, both recently divorced and involved in a “romance” that’s been played up for the cameras during the most recent season of “The Voice,” are said to be hitting a rough patch after a backstage incident in which Shelton left his phone behind in the makeup room and Stefani witnessed a text message come in from his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, according to In Touch.

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“Gwen saw it and lost it. She found Blake and asked to speak to him privately, but he said he couldn’t right then and there. She had tears running down her face and went and locked herself in her dressing room,” a source says. “Gwen has seen texts between Blake and Miranda. She’s really a mess over this.” Is she, though? Or is this all part of the predetermined plan? God, when did I become so cynical?

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