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Trump admits he was too busy to buy Melania’s birthday gift

Melania's b day gift
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In case you’ve been too wrapped up in royal baby news and Kanye West’s Twitter rants to follow Melania’s whereabouts, it’s the first lady’s birthday today! You’re probably wondering two things: how old is Melania Trump? And, what did Donald get her to celebrate?

Trump started off the day with an early morning shout-out on “Fox & Friends.” He said on air, “I picked a very, very special day because it is Melania’s birthday. I said let’s do it on Melania’s birthday. Happy birthday, Melania.” (Nailed it.) And when asked about Melania’s birthday gift, the president gave a rough response, admitting his busy schedule got in the way.

“I better not get into that because I may get in trouble,” Trump said of the gift. “Maybe I didn’t get her so much. I got her a beautiful card, you know I’m very busy to be running out looking for presents. I got her a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers.” The card might be the same one he asked supporters, through email, to sign Sunday night for his “BEAUTIFUL” wife’s “BIRTHDAY.” 

Trump went on to praise Melania for doing a “fantastic job” planning the state dinner in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron’s White House visit. (A nice little pat on the back perhaps.)

Trump’s admission that he was too busy to focus on Melania’s birthday gift comes amid rumors (and very public suggestions) that he’s on thin ice.

Take this Tuesday, for instance, when Trump was documented struggling to hold Melania’s hand yet again as they waited for Macron to arrive (watch the video here). Looks like she gave in: 

How old is Melania Trump?

How old is Melania Trump?

Next question. How old is Melania Trump? Today she turned 48, two years shy of the big 5-0. 

Melania’s 48th birthday gift: acceptable or unacceptable?

Melania revealed that the family takes a modest approach to gift giving during the holidays, Express reported.

“It is my hope that during this holiday season, people will remember it is not about gifts — it is about family, service and gratitude,” the first lady said during a Toys for Tots event this past Christmas. Perhaps, birthdays are the same.

And a “beautiful card” and “beautiful flowers” does seem like a romantic gesture — even Obama went that route for Michelle’s birthday this year:

The kicker, though, is that Trump told “Fox & Friends” he was simply too busy to focus on Melania’s 48th birthday — adding more turbulence to the storm plaguing their relationship. 

Perhaps he should take some advice from Michelle Obama, who stated to a crowd during her Vancouver visit this February: “Put your family first.”

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