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Trump landed so many movie cameos by being a brat, according to Matt Damon

Donald Trump with his arms out

Before he became the leader of the free world, the current president used to pass his time dabbling in his various business ventures and trying to score a Donald Trump cameo wherever he could on television and in film. He was rather successful at the latter, too, appearing in the likes of ‘Home Alone 2: Lost In New York,’ ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,’ ‘Zoolander’ and ‘Two Weeks Notice,’ but never quite managed to become a bona-fide Hollywood leading man.

The full extent of just how far Donald Trump would go to in order to feature in these films has now been revealed, as he used to tell directors that wanted to shoot in his buildings that they had to write him a small part before he confirmed. Matt Damon was the one who opened up about the ridiculous lengths taken by the businessman for a Donald Trump cameo, recalling a story from director Martin Brest about how Trump interfered on the production for ‘Scent Of A Woman.’

“The deal was that if you wanted to shoot in one of his buildings, you had to write him a part,” Matt Damon explained. “[Director] Martin Brest had to write something in ‘Scent Of A Woman’ – and the whole crew was in on it. You have to waste an hour of your day with a bullsh*t shot: Donald Trump walks in and Al Pacino’s like, ‘Hello, Mr Trump!’ – you had to call him by name – and then he exists.”

Matt Damon insisted that the whole exercise was completely futile, though, because most directors would simply decide to cut the obnoxious cameo out of the film in the editing suite.

“You waste a little time so that you can get the permit, and then you can cut the scene out,” Matt Damon told The Hollywood Reporter before then referencing the mot famous Trump cameo, as he remarked, “But I guess in ‘Home Alone 2’ they left it in.”

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