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Trump’s divorce lawyer has written a tell-all book too

Trump divorce lawyer writing book

Trump has gotten divorced twice over his lifetime — first it was Ivana in 1992, then it was Marla Maples seven years later. And now, the lawyer who helped him through them both has a book in the works about all the action.

Page Six first reported this exclusive on Thursday night, and the memoir, written by Jay Goldberg, is supposed to be “full of stories and memories of all his famous work,” including the trials involving Trump’s ex-wives. 

Goldberg, who’s putting publishing rights to the book up for auction next week, has also worked with famous clients such as Robert F. Kennedy, Bono, Diddy and Willie Nelson.

The lawyer’s rep told Page Six that Goldberg and Trump go back more than 20 years. “They were very close and he represented him for not only his divorces, but many of his real estate deals,” the rep said. “And [Trump] even stayed at Jay’s home and they shared breakfast together.”

In a New York Times interview last year, Goldberg showed the journalist assigned to the story a hand-written note that Trump sent him. It read, “There has never been a lawyer more important to me than you. It is very important to me that you know that.” This is one of Goldberg’s keepsakes — he has it framed on his living room wall. 

He also told The Washington Post last year that Trump, whom he represented from 1990 to 2005, was “the perfect client. He listens. He does not presume to overrule the lawyer.”

For those of you wondering if the book will be as explosively critical as “Fire and Fury,” Goldberg’s rep said it’s a big N-O. “You always hear all these horrible, negative stories,” he told The Hill, “and Jay feels that this book will reflect the true character of President Trump in a positive way.”

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