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Trump’s goal in Israel is ‘lasting peach’

President Trump Peach

President Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East is going about as well as expected: In two days, there have been three embarrassing memes, a questionable 15-figure arms deal and one significant misspeak that potentially compromised U.S./Israeli military intelligence.

The latest gaffe comes courtesy of the White House press office, which released a statement on America’s goals for the trip. One of them was listed as “promote the possibility of everlasting peach.”



This raises many questions, such as: What is the press office writing about that “peach” is their  autocorrect for “peace”? Is the press trying to commit a fast one with a near-homonym (like that “30 Rock” episode in which Tracy Jordan tried to wiggle out of a commitment by swearing on his “mother’s grape”)?

The typo is one of the least troubling events related to the visit, which range from amusing to potentially cataclysmic.


• When deplaning in Israel early today, first lady Melania Trump appeared to slap away the president’s hand when he offered it to her.

• Trump posed for photos with Saudi Arabian leaders with his hands on a glowing orb.

• During a speech, Trump told Israel he was glad to arrive in the country from “the Middle East.”


• While in Saudi Arabia, Trump signed a deal in which the U.S. will sell $110 billion in arms to the country, which Trump earlier said was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

• Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a news conference with Saudi Arabian leaders, to which no American press was invited.

Potentially Cataclysmic

• During a news conference in Israel today, Trump seemed to confirm that he told Russian officials that Israel was the source of intelligence on an ISIS threat, potentially compromising an embedded Israel spy, if not causing the spy’s death.

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