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Trump’s reaction to a dinosaur costume says everything, Twitter finds

Trump Halloween Trex

President Trump and Melania Trump handed out Halloween candy in front of the White House on Monday, and their reactions to one costume meant that Christmas came early to Twitter this year.

When a T-Rex pulled up, Mrs. Trump did her best encouraging-mom, faux-frightened face before handing over a cellophane-wrapped treat. When President Trump looked over and caught sight of the costume that towered at least six inches over his head, he … well… Twitter found those approximate two seconds to be a complete Rorschach test that described his entire presidency, history and psyche.


“He’s got to assume that every one of those kids is wearing a wire,” wrote karr_pe, jumping off from that day’s announcement of the Mueller indictments and the revelation that former campaign staffer George Papadopoulous had been “proactively cooperating” with the FBI.


“He’s had trouble with guys named Rex,” noted @thebigshotprof, recalling the NBC News report that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had called Trump a “moron” and the pair’s relationship was frosty.



“Did Trump just wipe his hand on his suit after handling candy and patting kids?” wondered @2DeeCee, discerning Trump’s reputed germophobia.


“Trump’s reaction is priceless,” wrote @cdfonyo. “It was like he caught a glimpse of himself!”


And because Halloween is truly a childish holiday, one Twitter user captioned a shot of the First Lady and the dinosaur: “Melania Trump with a large orange prehistoric monster with notoriously small hands.”


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