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TV watch list, Mon., Nov. 3: ‘The Voice,’ ‘Jane the Virgin,’ ‘Gotham’ and more

Danny Feld/The CW


‘Classic Battle of the Network Stars’
The only reason we’re encouraging you to tune into an ESPN offshoot to watch a marathon of a goofball relic from the ’70s and ’80s where the actors and actresses went head-to-head in an “American Ninja Warrior”-style test of strength and agility is the possibility that successful ratings might mean we might see the likes of Jane the Virgin face off against Adam Levine. Seriously, you need to watch some of this stuff!
ESPN Classic, 7 p.m.


‘The Voice’
Taylor Swift continues into month two of media dominance by serving as an advisor to contestants during the knockout round. Get your Swiftamine ready (scroll down to the bottom of this link) as she might sing during the show, right?
NBC, 8 p.m.


In this show, which investigates what the city of Gotham was like before Batman’s arrival, we see a younger Commissioner Gordon realizing that maybe he shouldn’t have spared Penguin’s life.
Fox, 8 p.m.


‘Jane the Virgin’
Jane, the titular virgin here, admits to Michael that she has feelings for Rafael. This is complicated because she is going to pre-marriage counseling with Michael and she is pregnant with the child of Rafael, due to some weird mix-up at her doctor’s office. Oh, and she also works at the hotel that Rafael owns. And one more thing, she used to have a crush on Rafael when she was a teen. Lots to work through in that counseling sesh, Jane!
CW, 9 p.m.

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