TV watch list, Monday, Nov. 24 - Metro US

TV watch list, Monday, Nov. 24

Going by this photo, tonight's "Sleepy Hollow" will also involve a very tense round o
Fred Norris, FOX

‘Dancing with the Stars’

We’re down to only four finalists, and another pair gets eliminated tonight! On the plus side, they get to go home for Thanksgiving and eat all they want without worrying about it affecting their performance, so it’s not all bad news.

8 p.m., ABC

‘Sleepy Hollow’

Abbie and Ichabod decide they’ve had enough of their weekly monster fights, and decide to go after the big bad himself, Moloch. Of course, there’s still that little issue of the Headless Horseman getting in their way.

9 p.m., FOX

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The last time Jennifer Aniston appeared on Jimmy’s show, he made her act out some “Friends” fan fiction he had written. Maybe tonight is the sequel?

11:35 p.m., ABC


Depending on how much crying you can handle on a Monday night, maybe skip the first 15 minutes of this Pixar classic, but tune in for the rest of the adorable adventures of a crotchety old man, his wilderness explorer pal and an enormous tropical bird.

8 p.m., DISNEY

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