TV watch list, Wednesday, Dec. 10 - Metro US

TV watch list, Wednesday, Dec. 10

ABC, Mitch Haddad

‘Modern Family’

The family takes Haley out to a bar to celebrate her 21st birthday, leaving the younger kids to babysit Lily, which turns out to be a mixed blessing for them.

9 p.m., ABC

‘Mysteries of Laura’

Laura finds herself trying to find a missing fertility doctor at work while dealing with the possibility that her twin sons are bullies.

8 p.m., NBC


One contestant suffers an ankle injury, thus jeopardizing their ability to stay on the show. Maybe that castaway can create a splint from leftover craft services on set?

8 p.m., CBS

‘The Late Show with David Letterman’

Two all around classy ladies stop by tonight: Meryl Streep and Rebel Wilson. If Rebel Wilson shares gossip about “Pitch Perfect 2,” we’re in.

11:35 p.m., CBS

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