U.S. experiences most widespread White Christmas in 5 years – Metro US

U.S. experiences most widespread White Christmas in 5 years

White Christmas 2017

On top of family bonding and prime gifts from your painstakingly long wish-list, another big indicator of a successful Christmas is snow. And this year, the U.S. experienced the most widespread White Christmas in five years.

According to Weather.com, almost half of the contiguous U.S. (the Lower 48 continental states) had at least one inch of snow on Christmas morning. This included areas from New England and the Great Lakes region to the Plains and the Pacific Northwest.

NOAA’s National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center reported that, as of 1 a.m. EST Christmas Day, 49.2 percent of these states got snow, compared to 44 percent last year and an annual average of about 38 percent.

Last-minute flurries graced Kansas City and Des Moines (with one inch) as well as Chicago and Denver (with two inches). Seattle experienced a rare White Christmas, it’s first since 2008 and only its sixth since the 1890s.

Due to a lake-effect blizzard, Erie, Pennsylvania received 34 inches on Christmas Day, and the storm hit the area with 19 more before Tuesday morning, totaling 53 inches of snow. This shattered all previous records.

In honor of this extensive winter wonderland, here’s a look at what Christmas-goers around the U.S. got to witness:


Woodinville, Washington


10/10 for the Christmas morning ambience

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Chicago, Illinois


Columbus, Ohio


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Ridgefield, Connecticut


Garden City, Idaho


Nature in our own backyard. #whitechristmas

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Erie, Pennsylvania


Springwater, New York


Portalnd, Oregon


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Farmington, Utah


Denver, Colorado


Bayfield, Wisconsin


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