UFO aliens Pentagon: Latest on more sightings - Metro US

UFO aliens Pentagon: Latest on more sightings

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Last week it was finally revealed that the Pentagon has done extensive research on UFOs and aliens under the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program is said to remain active but funding has dried up.

Maybe there just isn’t enough new video evidence of the potential existence of alien life and the UFO videos have dried up. In this age of cell phone video, three or four should be popping up on YouTube every day, right?

All we got last week was a less than impressive video from 2004. But this isn’t to say UFO sightings are down in recent years. Quite the contrary. An approximate 45,000 sightings from around the United States were recorded in 2016 alone – a figure that is up significantly from years past.

Here are some of the more staggering UFO videos in recent years.

UFO “Fleets” in Jardim, Portugal in 2014

Brighton, England in 2013

2013 Texas “hot spot”

Chester, County Pennsylvania in 2012

Phoenix Lights in 2015


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