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Unicorn pizza is here and ready to fulfill all your sweet tooth fantasies

Unicorn Pizza Industry Kitchen NYC

Just when you *think* your Instagram feed has recovered from Unicorn Frappuccino postings or the whole unicorn food trend as a whole, there’s a newcomer in one-horned mythical creature land ready to blow up your stream.

Behold: Unicorn pizza. At Industry Kitchen, a buzzy bistro that’s perched on the waterfront in the Financial District, you can now get your fix of rainbow ‘za. 

And we’ll be the first to admit that we’re a little over the unicorn frap, but this pizza breathes inspired life into the overdone fad. With an official name of Pop Candy Land Pizza, the rainbow dough gets slathered in rich, creamy vanilla frosting, a smattering of colorful sprinkles, those ever-loved Pop Rocks candies and fluffy swirls of pink and blue cotton candy. Viola: unicorn pizza! And this round serving of heaven will set you back $18.


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Indeed, it’s supremely sweet, but if you split it with a few friends, one slice is about two too few. As Cosmo put it, “While it’s cut up into eight slices and looks like pizza, it tastes more like a giant sugar cookie.” And, hello, when have you ever been satisfied with one slice of a giant cookie cake?

And even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, do it for the ‘gram. If nothing else, it will convince your friends that swapping Billysburg for a night in FiDi is long overdue.

Meanwhile, if sweet pies (not that kind of pie) aren’t for you, Industry Kitchen offers the Panacotta Brûlée, with mixed berries, fruit pearls and a candied sugar coating. There’s also the ever-esteemed Industry Puff (“Good to Share”), a delightful puff pastry that is accompanied by burnt sugar ice cream, berry compote, whipped cream, toasted almonds and dark chocolate syrup.

And if you prefer your pizzas in savory form, their stellar list of wood-fired pizzas offer something for everyone. Hungry? Sorry, but now you know how to fix it.

Check out more mouth-watering shots of the unicorn pizza below:


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