Vera Farmiga insists Taissa Farmiga got her role in ‘The Nun’ ‘on her own merits’ – Metro US

Vera Farmiga insists Taissa Farmiga got her role in ‘The Nun’ ‘on her own merits’

Taissa Farmiga in The Nun

The first trailer for The Nun heavily suggests that the latest chapter to the Conjuring franchise will be just as terrifying as its illustrious predecessors.

But even though “The Nun” is set in 1952 in a monastery in Romania you probably noticed something vaguely familiar about the supernatural horror. No, I don’t just mean the scares it provoked, especially with its haunting final moment.

Instead I am referring to the leading role of Sister Irene, who, you might have seen, has a very strong resemblance to Lorraine Warren from “The Conjuring” films.

There’s a very good reason for that, too, because Taissa Farmiga, the lead in “The Nun,” just so happens to be the younger sister of Vera Farmiga, who plays Warren in the franchise.

I recently had the chance to speak to Vera Farmiga, who emphatically insisted that Taissa got the part of Sister Irene “on her own merits.”

“She was appropriate for the role. She was just the right one. They saw a lot of people for it, she read it, it wasn’t handed to her, she worked for it.”

“I don’t see how nepotism could have entered the equation. Maybe her last name flagged them a little bit, but she auditioned and read for it. She was just right for the role. She is a phenomenal actress.”

Vera also revealed that their characters are not related “at all” before explaining why she is actually trying her best to keep away from “The Nun.” For the time being at least.

“I have not read the script. I do not know what to expect of ‘The Nun.’ I want to be surprised by it. I didn’t want to have a predisposition. So I am excited to see it come out.”

You can get a taste of what will unfold in “The Nun” by watching its terrifying trailer below, while it will hit cinemas on September 7.