VIDEO: Channing Tatum sings ‘Let it Go’ in Elsa drag – Metro US

VIDEO: Channing Tatum sings ‘Let it Go’ in Elsa drag

In the weirdest bit of fan fiction come to life this web producer has seen in quite a while, sexual potato Channing Tatum donned some Disney princess drag for a performance of “Let it Go.”

The incident in question took place on Spike TV’s “Lip Sync Battle” in a dramatic set that had dancing snowflakes, a castle, snow and a beautiful white wig.

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Tatum, who has experience moving his mouth and dancing, naturally looks like a pro.

E! reports that Tatum will face off against his wife Jenna and that Beyonce might make a guest appearance.

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The episode wih the entire dance number (and the confused combination of your sexual and Disney fantasies) airs this Thursday.

In the meantime watch the trailer below:

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