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VIDEO: Inventor gets shot in groin to test ‘Nutshellz’ bulletproof jockstrap

One Missouri man literally had the balls to get shot in the groin – to test a bulletproof jockstrap. In a video that’s gone viral, inventor Jeremiah Raber allowed his friend to shoot him with a rifle in his manhood, protected by the Nutshellz cup. The 38-year-old seemingly escaped unhurt and laughed off the daring encounter. Built using ballistic-proof fabric Kevlar and high-strength synthetic material Dyneema, this genitalia guardian – currently funded on Kickstarter – is designed for law enforcement officers and the military. “The sensation was like someone just flicked the cup with their finger,” Raber told Metro.

Q: Why have you done this to your manhood?

– I didn’t think it was fair for me to claim a level of bullet resistance without at least feeling what the minimal caliber would feel like upon impact. The impact wasn’t bad at all – in fact, I barely felt it.

Q: Describe the sensation of the bullet striking your groin.

– The sensation was like someone just flicked the cup with their finger. It was just a .22 long rifle. It was scary but was not near the force of, let’s say, a .357 Magnum. The anticipation was by far the worst thing.

Q: How did the cup fare?

– I had some Kevlar panels strategically placed in case of deflection and the cup is designed to swallow the rounds in the first few layers. This wasn’t the first cup we have shot either. I have personally shot thousands of these in our testing and engineering phases.

Q: And now, the Nutshellz will be a genuine product…

– Nutshellz wasn’t originally an idea for a bullet-resistant cup. The design is unique in the way it wraps further underneath the body. Kevlar and Dyneema were an afterthought in the design process. We originally set out to stop the reverberating shock after impact, but the bullet resistance was the icing on the cake. Nutshellz is literally the strongest cup on Earth.

Q: How is it better than other existing protectors?

– Our competitors are looking at it through the profit lens. When that’s the main objective, products are made as cheap as possible to maximize profits. Don’t get me wrong, we want profit as well but that’s not how we start the design of the cup. We decided we wanted the most bad-ass cup on the planet and figured out how to do that. We use Kevlar, Dyneema, carbon fiber, aerospace grade laminating resins, and aerospace structural adhesives. We used the strongest lightweight materials known to man to protect our manhood. I guess guys need to ask themselves, ‘How much are your nuts worth?’

Q: What are your future plans?

– We would like to build other products in the sports world with the same level of material strength as well. Nutshellz will be the premium brand in the sports gear space.

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