Video: Learn how to play Pokémon Go with George Takei

George Takei, Facebook

Still haven’t started playing Pokémon Go? Why? Do you hate exercise? This makes it fun. Are you depressed? It’ll make you happier. Think you know your neighborhood? You’d be surprised.

Or maybe you just haven’t found the right guide yet. Well, George Takei is here for you. He did star on the television series that inspired the smartphone, so it’s only right that he guide you through this entirely new phase of its use.

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To grasp the idea of catching fake things in the real world, Takei recently spent a day out in Central Park with a seasoned Pokémon trainer (wearing an excellent nerdy crossover T-shirt) to learn how to play the augmented reality game. If a 79-year-old can do it, so can you. So watch and learn, then slather on some sunscreen, grab a bottle of water and take a long walk this weekend.

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