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VIDEO: Robot paints nude portrait with man’s blood

Hows this for a throwback Thursday? Take a look at this video from a year ago of a robot using a man’s blood to draw a nude portrait of him.

The man whose blood is being slowly pulled into the robot’s palate is a Brooklyn-based artist named Ted Lawson.

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“I don’t really like being the physical subject of my own work and was not particularly thrilled to pose nude, but the purest execution of the concept demanded it,” Lawson told Dezeen. “The idea of connecting the self directly to the machine and then making that connection to the other works in the show was important to me.”
The entire process apparently took several hours and lots of blood. Lawson told Dezeen that he had to sustain himself on juice and snacks to, you know, stay conscious.
“It uses a significant amount of blood, but clearly not enough to kill me.”
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