VIDEO: Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic are HORRIBLE dancers

Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic may have plenty of game on the court, but they have absolutely no game on the dance floor.
Or maybe just Novak Djokovic.
A video of the pair dancing near each other on a stage to the beat of “Night Fever” by the Beegees is making its way around the internet.
We highly doubt that tennis extraordinaire, goddess incarnate, and perfect human Serena Williams is this bad of a dancer. She was likely just trying to keep in beat with whatever it was Novak Djokovic was doing.
The pair were attending the Wimbledon 2015 Champions’ Dinner, which apparently doubles as a venue for two people to dance uncomfortably near each other.
Williams and Djokovic both swept through this year’s Wimbledon games with Serbian born Djokovic winning his third Wimbledon title in men’s single, and Williams claiming her sixth Wimbledon title.
You may be a better dancer than these two will ever be, but they will annihilate you on the tennis court.

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