Video: You need to watch Bradley Cooper play air guitar on the ‘Tonight Show’


Look, we were skeptical about this one. “The Tonight Show” always has another funny video, and Bradley Cooper playing an air guitar version of Neil Young’s solo from “Down by the River” just didn’t seem that exciting. But we watched it anyway, as should you, because this is some very impressive air guitaring. That may seem like a ridiculous sentence, but we’re quite serious. It’s a lengthy solo, and Cooper apparently memorized every single note of the thing. Note the way he’s ready for every single pause. And he’s not just strumming away wildly — if you look up at his left hand, he’s actually using some guitar technique for the notes he’s picking out. What we’re saying is, we doubted you, Bradley. And we shouldn’t have. Also, we suspect that you are an actual guitar player in real life, which is the greatest compliment you can give to an air musician, right? Watch the video below, and try not to get too insanely jealous of the women in the crowd he plays for.

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