Tory Bullock freestyling about a snow day.

Screenshot: Facebook, Illustration, Metro

This guy’s feelings about a snow day sums up how most of us feel — again.

Boston-based actor and school teacher Tory Bullock put his talents to good use when he posted a video to his Facebook page of himself freestyle rapping about receiving a text message to inform him that Boston Public Schools (BPS) will have a snow day on Monday.

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The video was posted to social media Sunday night and Bostonians seem to love it as if it’s become the new theme song for having the day off due to inclement weather.


Bullock posted a video last week about Boston's first snow day of 2016 and it quickly became a hit. It is no surprise why he created another video to applaud a second snow day.

Let’s all embrace and enjoy Tory’s enthusiasm for another timely day off from school or work.

That moment when you find out you go ANOTHER snow day. #BPS #BostonPublicSchools #LionKing

Posted by Tory Bullock on Sunday, February 7, 2016
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