Here’s a video clip many basketball fans will remember. It involves Kobe Bryant and former New York Knicks player Chris Childs getting into a fight.

Fifteen years ago to this day, on April 2, the two fiery guards got into one of the most memorable altercations in basketball history.

When both players were trying to gain position on the floor, they ended up in each other’s face and Childs landed two punches near Kobe’s neck and Kobe was able to get a punch in before they were separated.

As a result of the fight, both players were ejected from the game, fined and suspended. Childs received a two-game suspension and Bryant, just one


There’s not much to celebrate with these two teams this year. The Knicks have a current record of 14-16 and the Lakers are at 20-54, so lets just enjoy this memorable moment these teams shared 15 years ago today. It’s perfect for #ThrowbackThursday.