Hold the phone, world — there’s a pink dolphin swimming around in a Louisiana river and everything about it is perfect.

According to IFL Science this particular pink dolphin is named Pinky and she was first seen in 2007, and the blog explains that she possibly suffers from an inability to make pigment in her skin. This is also known as albinism.

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But wouldn’t Pinky be white instead?


"The pink color is just blood at the skin's surface, like when humans flush or blush," an expert from the Animal Welfare Institute told the Dodo that was quoted by IFL Science. "Same phenomenon. 'Regular' bottlenose dolphins do this all the time too, but you can't tell, because their normal skin pigment is gray."

Another theory is that Pinky could be a pink dolphin from the Amazon River. The only caveat to that theory is that pink Amazon River dolphins are much blotchier looking than Pinky’s smooth pink body.

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