Want to marry a millionaire? Move to Boston - Metro US

Want to marry a millionaire? Move to Boston


Talk about a capital city. The number of millionaireresidents in Boston rose a whopping 26 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to the latest accessible data from the Department of Revenue.

Data analysis by the Boston Business Journal discovered that there were 2,031 million-dollar tax filers in 2014, a jump of 414 from the year before. Their average income was $5.15 million.

That spread of wealth landed Boston in the top spot of state towns and cities that added the most millionaires in 2014. Newtown came in second, with an addition of 226 millionaires, while Wellesley added 127 to round out the Top 3.

Statewide, 15,273 residents reported earning an income of at least $1 million in 2014 — a 22 percent rise from 2013.

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