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Watch a mall Easter Bunny brawl with shoppers

Over the weekend, a man dressed as the Easter Bunny in a New Jersey mall became the center of a brawl that quickly spread on social media.

The Newport Mall in Jersey City was the scene of a weekend brawl that broke out as customers were waiting to be photographed with the Easter Bunny, ABC7 reported.

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The costumed man, who had apparently already removed the floppy ears, can be seen throwing off his gloves and approaching a man among a crowd of shoppers, NJ.com stated in a related article.

Mall security then attempted to separate the Easter Bunny and the mallgoer as they scuffled on the floor, NJ.com added.

The below video of the incident contains strong language.

There was no word on any possible injuries, and the cause of the brawl remained unknown, according to ABC7.

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