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WATCH: Brazilian woman pushes priest off stage during live broadcast of mass

Brazilian woman pushes priest off stage
Screenshot, Youtube

A video showing a Brazilian woman pushing a priest off stage during a live broadcast of mass is going viral for obvious reasons.

The woman was able to get past security and rush the she stage to violently push Father Marcelo Rossi into the altar while he was delivering mass in Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo. 

According to Newsweek, Father Rossi is well known for his high-spirited sermons.  The shocking incident occurred on Sunday around 3 p.m. at the headquarters of Canção Nova, which is a Brazilian community known for broadcasting religious content online. The priest was speaking during the closing ceremony of a youth camp, which had approximately 50,000 attendees.  

The footage shows the woman appearing to jump into the altar afterwards. It’s not clear if she was trying to run away after pushing Father Rossi or if she was going to go after him some more. The woman appears to be smiling in the short video clip.

Brazilian woman pushes priest off stage

At least one Twitter user shared a tweet saying a news outlet reported the priest said “fat women go don’t go to heaven” and many people on Twitter reacted to what was initially thought to be the woman’s motive for attacking Father Rossi. The tweet has since been deleted. 


Brazilian Woman pushes priest off stage twitter reacts

Brazilian news outlet G1 reported that Brazilian police officials said the woman is 32-years-old and traveled from Rio de Janeiro to see the event. The news outlet also reports that the woman suffers from mental disorders.

Father Rossi later told Brazilian news outlets that he was not seriously injured in the incident and has no plans to file a complaint against the woman. 

The incident is being investigated by police.

VIDEO: Brazilian woman pushes priest off stage

The dramatic video shows the woman rushing the stage and violently pushing Father Rossi. 

Twitter reacts to woman pushing priest off stage

While it is unclear what exactly caused the woman to rush the stage and launch the priest into the altar, those on Twitter reacted to the shocking video and have made their own assumptions about what took place.

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