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WATCH: Future’s bodyguard gets knocked out in Spain

A video showing Future’s bodyguard getting knocked is is making rounds online. 

According to TMZ, rapper Future’s bodyguard was punched by a man and knocked out cold. TMZ reports that a source close to the rapper says it was a racially motivated attack.

The violent incident occurred in Ibiza Spain, at the International Airport. Sourced told TMZ that the rapper was walking through the airport terminal when a group of people asked for a photo. When future declined the photo op, sources say the group of men and Future began shouting racially charged remarks at each other.

TMZ reports that Future’s bodyguard stepped in and took on several of the men was sucker punched and knocked out.

The video shows a man running up to Future’s bodyguard and violently punching him in the right side of his face, sending him to the pavement.

You can hear people cheering and laughing at what took place as Future’s bodyguard is on the ground unconscious. 

The assailant gets close to the camera and screams in excitement.

Future's bodyguard gets knocked Man who punched future's bodyguard?

It’s unclear if there were any arrests made in the violent attack or the condition of Future’s bodyguard. 

In short video clip, Future appears to walk away from the scene. 

The story is developing.


VIDEO: Future’s bodyguard gets knocked out in Ibiza, Spain


Future posts response to altercation

Future posted a response to the altercation involving his bodyguard claiming that the group of men who asked for a photo said made vulgar remarks to him, which led to the scuffle.  Future said he left the airport and has nothing to do with what took place with his bodyguard. 

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