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Watch: Melania Trump slaps the president’s hand away again — this time in Rome

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President Donald Trump is striking out with wife Melania all over the world — just one day after the first lady slapped his hand away on the tarmac in Israel, she again refused his touch while deplaning in Rome on Tuesday.

The president and first lady are in the midst of a nine-day tour of the Middle East and Europe — the first trip abroad for Trump as commander in chief.

It’s unclear whether Melania has a hand-holding aversion, suffers from germophobia or if she’s just fed up with her husband’s BS, but when in Rome on Tuesday, she once again refused the president’s attempts at holding her hand.

This time, as the first couple touched down Tuesday, they paused to wave to the media and spectators while exiting Air Force One. As the president tried to grab his wife’s hand, she pulled her arm away and went for a casual hair flip instead (pro move, Melania).

Trump put his hand on her butt instead.

The trip has been eventful so far for more than just the hand-holding incidents — Trump got rave reviews for his anti-terrorism speech at his first stop in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, and though he didn’t embarrass himself or the country, his words were quickly overshadowed Monday when the internet got hold of the video of Melania swatting the president’s hand away after they landed in Israel.

It was the swat heard ’round the world.

The video shows Trump walking on the tarmac a step or two ahead of the first lady, and as he offers her his outstretched hand, she appears to slap it away.

Israeli publication Haaretz was one of the first to tweet out a clip of the moment — it’s garnered almost 50,000 retweets and nearly 80,000 likes.

Melania’s refusal to hold President Trump’s hand for a second day in a row didn’t go unnoticed. Twitter was quick to bite.

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