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Was Ivanka Trump’s congressional picnic dress a push away from daddy’s politics?

Another day, another Ivanka Trump clothing controversy. 

This time it isn’t about the first daughter’s branded line, though. Rather, the Twittersphere is up in arms about whether or not the dress Ivanka wore to the congressional picnic late last week was appropriate for the event.

The floral number, whether appropriate for a political event or not, was well-suited for humid summer weather characteristic of the Washington, D.C. area. The dress featured an off-the-shoulder silhouette with a ruffle circling the first daughter’s chest and upper arms. You can see the dress in the Instagram post from Ivanka Trump below or from different angles in the short photo gallery above.


Family photo take #45 ? Lots of fun tonight at the Congressional Picnic ?

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We’re not going to debate whether it’s socially acceptable to flaunt some shoulder — or to what degree. But the first daughter’s movements were clearly unhindered by the online hate producing dress, as she mingled with politicians and even managed to spin her daughter Arabella around the garden without suffering any wardrobe malfunction. The spin didn’t stall the online vitriol, though:


Comments on Ivanka’s own Instagram photo ranged from star-spangled support to sartorial skeptics as upset over the dress as the people on Twitter:

“That dress is ridiculous.”

“You are no Jackie O. honey”

“dress is completely inappropriate!”

“I love this dress! Excellent choice for a barbecue.”

Then there was the Instagram user who could not stand by Ivanka’s clothing choices, but defended Melania and her sense of style with all their might:

“The dress was too risqué for a family function, the congressional picnic: children and families. Melania was appropriately dressed, bare arms and an appropriate dress. Ivanka looked like she was going out clubbing: slit up the front, the shoulders so far down you could almost see her breasts. It was obvious she was trying to be seen, because the cameras caught her and gave several shots of her and indicated that the dress cost less than $200.00.(forgot the designer’s name). They then switched to Melania who had on a tasteful sleeveless dress, understated. I don’t think Melania is particularly beautiful(neither is Ivanka), but she dresses well.”

President Trump’s golden child was not without her online defenders, however:


Scandalous shoulder question aside, the dress might have been symbolic of a move to distance herself from her family and their Big Business. Ivanka mentioned that the dress cost less than $200, a paltry amount compared to the price tag attached to some of Melania’s items of clothing. Melania’s Mary Katrantzou dress from the congressional picnic reportedly cost a cool $2225. And Inside Edition reports that it’s not only a $198 dress but also from an eco-friendly fashion label called Reformation, which could appear to some as a subtle shove away from the politics of her father, who showed where he stands on the environment by pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

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