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Watch President Trump hit on a Spice Girl in front of then-girlfriend Melania

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Donald Trump apparently had a favorite Spice Girl: Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice.

Seventeen years ago, Donald Trump, who was then just a regular old billionaire businessman, took his then-girlfriend Melania to a VH1 Fashion Rocks party, where Baby Spice and Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) were acting as fashion correspondents.

The Spice Girls weren’t too impressed by Trump’s choice of attire — his typical suit, shirt and extra-long tie — but decided to interview him anyway because, in the words of Beckham, “God, he’s so rich, so we’ll interview him anyway.”

The video footage shows Trump strolling up to the ladies on the red carpet and leering at the cleavage of a very embarrassed-looking Bunton. Melania is barely visible in the background, trailing behind Trump.

As he approaches the pair of Spice Girls, who are telling the power couple, “Both of you, nice, nice,” Trump strains for a glimpse of Bunton’s behind, saying “very nice” to her as she turns away from him.

Bunton is clearly offended by the moment, as she covers the neckline of her low-cut dress with her hand, and exclaims, “Donald!”

Then-girlfriend Melania appears unphased by the moment, casually going on to answer questions about the designers of her dress.

Trump, whom the Spice Girls described as looking like a banker, was much more interested in Bunton’s erm … assets than in any talk about fashion. He was quick to say he had no idea who he was wearing because, for him, “it’s not so important; for the women it’s important.”

Though Donald does say he’ll be sitting with Melania throughout the event, the interaction with the Spice Girls comes to a rather awkward end as Bunton asks him if they’ll see the couple at the afterparty.

Trump, of course, said yes.

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